Outtakes, B-sides and Unreleased Song Lyrics


I am the cybersingle, that is me
Come and get my download
To be free or not to be free,
That is the question, see?
All the beautiful ones are with me
See, it's lovely

As the media tightens (What?) its grip on you (you know)
And the beast continues (What?) to split in to (Listen y'all)
Superman steps in the phone booth (Word) one more time (Come on, come on)
To drop another cybersingle (Drop it) life-saving rhyme (It's lovely)
Lookin' for a sound that'll make you organize
Dead Prez. and Rage conspire to open up your eyes (Can you see?)
What good is a mind of a man if it's run by another? (Nothing)
Take back your conscienceness, my sisters and brothers!

(Yeah yeah)
(That is me)

It's lovely

Can't leave the keys in my brand-new car
'Cause you don't know it's wrong to steal
The devil got you thinkin' he's invisible
But how he make you act is real

Talk a beat
Turn around, long hand, come on

Television got your mind but you got to get free

Purple Haze
Jesus saves

Sister and brothers have love for one another! {x2}
Cyber, cyber {x2}

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