Outtakes, B-sides and Unreleased Song Lyrics


{segued from "Love, Thy Will Be Done"}
Y'all like that shit we just did at the end?
Y'all wanna get funky?
Aww shit!

Mayte's in the kitchen stirring up the pot
Brother's out here waiting, trying to see what she got
What she trying to show me, is not from the Golden Rule

This here funk, y'all, listen to me
You can't learn it in school

Let's get funky, yeah!
Get it on, right on!

Morris on the organ, a-gettin' real funky
Tommy on piano, gettin' funky too
Michael B. on the drum uh, gettin' real funky
I got something that I wanna shake for you


People in the front row, you know you get funky
People upstairs, you know you're real funky too
NPG, we know we're funky
'Cause we do everything and anything we want to


Is it funky' {x2}
Alright! This is alright!

Funky, yeah!